Teamwork Projects and Salesforce Integration Solution & Services

Timeline IQ offers standard and custom solution for integrating Teamwork Projects with Salesforce CRM

Teamwork Projects Salesforce Integration Sync

- A powerful and robust AppExchange managed application that integrates Teamwork Projects with Salesforce CRM seamlessly

Sync Teamwork Projects, Milestones, and Tasks directly in Salesforce. One way sync from Teamwork Projects to Salesforce allows you to bring Teamwork Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Task Lists, and Sub-Tasks in Salesforce and have a single view of all of your projects related activities in Salesforce. It is now easier to visualize and track Teamwork projects in Salesforce and associate those with account or opportunity or any custom object records.

Teamforce - Key Features

Teamforce Benefits

The reasons you would love Teamwork Projects Salesforce app are just because of the following benefits.

  • Single view of clients' project related activities in Salesforce
  • Simplified and robust view of Teamwork Projects & tracking information
  • Improved productivity & more visibility
  • Analytics - Reporting on combined data of Salesforce and Teamwork Projects
  • Cost effective - (1) Only one time cost whereas many companies charge annual cost for the license (2) No cost per number of transactions or number of users
  • Optionally customizable - Let us customize Teamforce app based on your needs & business processes

Top 4 Reasons - Why Select Us

What else we can offer?

Custom Solution for Integrating Teamwork Projects & Salesforce

Do you have any specific needs for integrating Teamwork and Salesforce CRM? Let us help you out. As we have standard solution and framework available for one way sync from Teamwork to Salesforce, we could also tailor any custom solution based on your needs. We could help you out for....

  • Tailoring Custom Solution for Integrating Teamwork Projects Management and Salesforce
  • Two Ways Sync in between Teamwork Projects and Salesforce
  • Custom Analytical Solution for Teamwork Projects and Salesforce Data

Teamwork Salesforce Integration Sync

Integrate Teamwork Projects with Salesforce

An AppExchange App that connects Teamwork Projects and Salesforce Seamlessly

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