Real-time Email verification and validation in Salesforce

Timeline IQ offers AppExchange application for real-time Email verification and validation

Real-time Email Verification/Validation in Salesforce

- A simple and powerful AppExchange managed application that identifies Email validity in real-time for inbound leads

Real-time Email verification made easy. Getting many leads with invalid emails? Leverage ValidateIQ to identify what leads are good with valid Email. ValiateIQ increases productivity and saves time for all of your sales reps. ValidateIQ performs real-time email verification that lets Salesforce users know if inbound lead email is valid or invalid. Now, you do not have to spend extra time for sending email to someone whose email is invalid.

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Do you have any specific needs for building custom AppExchange app for internal or external users? We specialize in force.com applications development. Let us help you out to bring your app on the AppExchange, Salesforce's marketplace for business applications. Be partner with us and leverage our expertise to externd your success in the cloud.

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Real-time Email Verification/Validation in Salesforce

Real-Time Email Verification and Validation in Salesforce

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